About the RuSEFF Residential Programme

RuSEFF-Residential is a credit line of 100 million dollars to finance the modernisation of houses and apartments in Russia in accordance with European energy efficiency standards. The programme was designed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Financial intermediaries between the EBRD and the private borrowers are the partner banks operating in Russia. This means that financing will be accessible through loans by local Russian banks.

Loans can be provided to particular homeowners, to homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and to corporate entities involved in management, supply of materials to or refurbishment of energy efficient housing. In addition to financing, the project provides its stakeholders with advisory services on energy-efficient equipment and technology.


NEW:  Distance training for HOAs/HCCs before energy assessment (available in Russian). Learn more>>>


RECOMMENDED VIDEO:  Video-report about the energy assessments conducted by the Programme experts in Rostov-on-Don.

News and Events

On December 13 in Perm the final presentation of the results of energy assessments performed for multifamily buildings under the RuSEFF-Residential Programme took place.

RuSEFF-Residential continues expanding its’ activities to the Russian regions. Between 10 and 14 October the Programme experts visited Perm where they conducted energy assessments in five multifamily buildings for four homeowners’ associations.

On 21 September the RuSEFF-Residential experts presented the results of energy assessments performed in April 2016 in Volgograd.

22-23 June the RuSEFF-Residential experts presented the practical recommendations on energy efficient modernisation developed based on energy assessments conducted in Samara in March 2016.

In early April RuSEFF-Residential experts visited Volgograd where they performed enegy assessments of eight multifamily buildings.

Samara became the next destination point for RuSEFF-Residential experts where they conducted energy assessments of eight multifamily buildings from 21 to 25 of March.

The RuSEFF-Residential representatives once again visited Nizhny Novgorod to present the results of the energy assessments conducted back in October 2015.

Constantin KLYUSHKIN, the Deputy Project Manager of RuSEFF-Residential, presented the experience of the EBRD in financing energy efficient projects in Russia.

Constantin KLYUSHKIN, the Deputy Project Manager of RuSEFF-Residential, presented the experience and opportunities of the Programme at a seminar in Samara.

On 19 November 2015 RuSEFF-Residential experts in cooperation with Center-invest Bank presented the results of the energy assessments conducted for eight multi-family buildings in Krasnodar.

On 9 November RuSEFF-Residential representatives took part in the seminar for HOAs organised by the Association of HoAs and HCCs.

RuSEFF-Residential experts conducted energy assessments in five residential buildings in Nizhny Novgorod.

On the 16-17 September 2015 a two-day conference, “Building a Global Energy Efficiency Financing Alliance”, took place in Istanbul, Turkey.

RuSEFF Residential experts visited Krasnodar and conducted energy assessments in eight residential buildings.

The RuSEFF-Residential team in cooperation with Center-Invest Bank conducted a workshop for HOAs representatives in Krasnodar.

The representatives of the RuSEFF and RuSEF-Residential Programmes participated in the Russian National Industry Forum "Energy Efficiency 2015" which took place in Yekaterinburg on 15 and 16 April 2015.

In early March RuSEFF Residential experts conducted a series of meetings with homeowners associations (HOAs) in Rostov where they presented the results of energy assessments of multifamily buildings.

As a follow up of the story about energy audits, conducted by RuSEFF Residential experts in Rostov-on-Don, we publish a video about these events.

For homeowners assosiations representatives: we invite you to fill in the application form for a free of charge energy assessment of your multifamily building by RuSEFF-Residential experts.

In November 2014 technical experts of the RuSEFF-Residential programme visited Rostov-on-Don to conduct energy assessments of several multifamily buildings on behalf of their owners and provide recommendations for the energy efficient modernisation of these buildings.

New materials are available now on the website - in Energy Efficient Technologies section you can dowload informational leaflets on energy efficient technologies used in modernisation of residential buildings 

On 18 July, Anastasia Grechanaya, Programme bank relationship expert, took part in workshop for homeowners’ associations in Perm.

On 10 July 2014 Deputy Project Manager of RuSEFF-Residential Programme Constantin Klyushkin took part in a workshop “Sources and Mechanisms of the Capital Repair Financing”.

We continue to talk about the RuSEFF-Residential informally, publishing a new video on how to make the house warmer and a life - better.

On June, 19 the 2nd Regional Conference about “ENERGY EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGIES” took place in Rostov-on-Don. Constantin Klyushkin, Deputy Manager of the RuSEFF-Residential Programme made a presentation during the conference.

The Krasnodar Spring Forum “Energy Efficiency and Innovations” took place in Sochi on May 29th -31st. On May 30th representatives of the RuSEFF Residential Programme facilitated the round table “Ruseff Residential: Financing the Modernisation and Renovation of Housing Stock”, which was organised as part of the Forum.

So far approximately 300 residents of Kuban took loans under the framework of the Russian Residential Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (RuSEFF-Residential).

Irina Kotliar, legal and financial expert who has been advising the housing sector stakeholders for 16 years, spoke with RuSEFF Residential about recent amendments’ impact on homeowners in Russia.

On February, 28, 2014 RuSEFF-Residential team members took part in the outreach workshop organised by the British Consulate-General in Yekaterinburg. During the event Transcapitalbank was presented as its Partner Bank for the programme and its clients in the Urals region.

The financing of energy efficiency in Russian residential sector goes ahead with the third partner-bank of RuSEFF-Residential programme which is Joint Stoсk Bank «TRANSCAPITALBANK» (TCB).

On December, 11 long-term agreements on cooperation between Orient Express Bank (OEB) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) were signed.

On November, 20 a workshop for homeowners’ organizations, prepared jointly by RuSEFF-Residential team and NBD Bank, took place in Nizhny Novgorod, Hotel “Zarechnaya”.

Sergey Smirnov (‘Center-Invest Bank’) speaks about energy efficiency lending from bank perspective, its opportunities and prospects.

Website update - template protocols of general meeting of homeowners regarding the capital repair fund formation prepared by the experts of RuSEFF Residential are now available in the 'Legal homeowner’s guide' section.

Irina Kotliar, legal and financial expert of the RuSEFF-Residential programme, about the situation of the residential sector in Russia.

Konstantin Shishka is one of few experts in the housing management sector who is actively involved in development of social aspects of the housing management. We decided to discuss with Konstantin Shishka some challenges faced by the housing sector and try to seek ways for their solution.

On June 25, 2013 the RuSEFF-Residential team participated in an expert-group meeting hosted by EBRD Moscow office on the “Efficient

Two press-breakfasts were organized jointly by the RuSEFF-Residential Programme and Ce

On April 24, 2013 at 10:30 the new EBRD